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Healing Hope

Healing Hope Ministries was founded in order to support families who have experienced the loss of a child.

Good Talk Tribune

Healing Hope Ministries began after the loss of Denny and Karri Allen’s first child, Asher. They discovered a retreat center in Minnesota that helped them to learn more about the struggles that come with losing a child. The center impacted them greatly, and they created relationships with other parents of similar circumstances.

After their experience at the retreat center in Minnesota, they were inspired and created Healing Hope in 2016. The organization offers many services, including one on one sessions, “Walk to Remembers” in different cities, grief groups, family or mother retreats, and much more. 

One of Healings Hope’s impactful programs is called The Legacy of Love program. This program is an opportunity for the family of the lost child. They can create an item to represent their child as a gesture that they will never be forgotten. They are then put on Healing Hope’s online store, and when they sell, part of the profit goes back to the family so that they can use the money to start a scholarship fund for their child, and the other profit goes back to Healing Hope to help keep their mission funded.