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Veterans Community Project of Sioux Falls

Veterans Community Project has the main goal to bring an end to homelessness among veterans by individually crafting a unique program for each veteran in the program that targets underlying issues affecting their homelessness.

Good Talk Tribune

Imagine trying to focus on getting a job and putting food on the table, while also consumed with thoughts about where you’re going to sleep that night. Seems overwhelming right? For homeless veterans all over the country, this is a constant thought. However, an organization called Veterans Community Project has the main goal to bring an end to homelessness among veterans. Not only does this organization put a roof over their heads, but they also aid by sitting down with each veteran individually to craft a unique program that will help target any underlying issues affecting a veteran’s homelessness. Veterans Community Project is beyond excited to bring their idea to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in hopes of bettering the lives of the veterans, while also bringing the Sioux Falls community closer together.

Veterans Community Project is a non-profit organization with the main goal to house homeless veterans in a tiny house community. Not only does each veteran receive their own tiny house, but they are also provided with a case manager that works with the veteran’s specific needs. By providing a home for those struggling it allows them to focus on any underlying issues without having to worry about finding a place to sleep. This process helps the veteran to get back on their feet while feeling comfortable doing so. So far, Veterans Community project has been 85% effective in its efforts to end veteran homelessness among specific communities.

With such an effective outcome in other communities, Veterans Community Project’s next step is the city of Sioux Falls. After meeting with city council, including Mayor Paul Tenhaken, there is a plan set in place to create an area of 25 tiny homes in Sioux Falls for veterans to live. At the heart of this small community is a village center with a clinic, meeting space, and kitchen.

Before this project can truly reach its full potential, it needs full support from the community of Sioux Falls. Whether that means volunteering some time to help the efforts, financially aiding the project, or just simply supporting the non-profit by spreading the word, any effort helps. This is a chance for Sioux Falls to come together in support of homeless veterans who once served our country. They have supported us, and now it’s time for us to support them.

Join Veterans Community Project in saying thank you to the veterans who have served our country. Check out their website to find out ways to get further involved or click the button below to donate to Sioux Falls Veterans Community Project.